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Fun Stuff

These videos have a common element: they’re about swimming and other fun activities in the water world. Don’t expect to find much instructional help or guidance here!

Death Diving – (not)

Those wild and crazy northern Europeans know how to use a pool….and a 10 meter platform. Grab some popcorn, just like the locals!
As you watch, can you see the “trick” they use to not die?

Move over Shamu!

Classic tower diving.
In May of 1983, Wide World of Sports (ABC-TV) came to San Diego’s Sea World for one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen: divers going for the world’s record highest dive from a platform above “Shamu Stadium”. Here’s the entire show. The video is a little rough, but it gets better. Every dive is simply amazing! Diana Nyad (lady who swam from Cuba to Florida in 2013) is one of the commentators.

Fun at the Pool

I had the pleasure of lifeguarding, managing, and teaching swimming at the Georgetown Sportsman’s Club. Here are some students and other pool urchins at their best!