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Custom Swim Classes in San Diego, California

A recent survey by the American Red Cross (link to USA Today article) contained some rather shocking news. 56% of adults who say they can swim don’t have the 5 critical skills needed to save themselves if they end up in deep water!

One of my goals for 1000 Swimmers is to help people learn basic swimming for survival, improve their swimming (including competitive strokes), and boost their confidence in the water. My teaching credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, and Red Cross First Aid/CPR for infants thru adults. I have taught children age 3 – 12 and college students and adults. See the Home Page for more information on my water experience.

For the best results, I prefer to work privately with 1-2 students, in your private pool or in public pools in the San Diego area. Here are some local pools that I have inspected to ensure they are well supervised, clean, are inexpensive, and don’t require memberships.

San Diego Pools

Allied Gardens
City Heights Rec. Center
Colina del Sol (54th St.)
Ned Baumer (Mira Mesa)
NOTE: Bud Kearns Memorial Pool, in Balboa Park is open again, with new plumbling and crystal clear water!

Other Public Pools
Joan & Ray Kroc Center

Basic Class Descriptions

Here is a list of typical classes that I offer. Custom plans (e.g. a single stroke, etc.) are ok too!

Beginning/Learn to Swim (ages 5-adult).
Basic skills: Floating, treading water, swimming the front crawl (“freestyle”), back crawl, and side stroke (some deep water work if appropriate).

Intermediate Swimming (ages 5-adult)
More refined stroke instruction for front and back crawl,  breast stroke. Optional: ocean swimming or butterfly.

Advanced Swimming (ages 8-adult).
Emphasis on strokes: Techniques to maximize efficiency in the back and front crawl, breast stroke, and butterfly. Optional: Racing Turns; Ocean Swimming.

All Lessons are Customized !

Typically 5-10 lessons would be conducted. Because each person has a unique level of skills, physical fitness, and comfort in the water, the number of lessons is only approximate. Lessons include (optional) video analysis from above and below the surface (see the “1000Swimmers” videos (link).

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What is the cost of lessons? Sometimes, I can offer free lessons for adult swimmers at public pools. Donations are accepted, and 90% will go to the charity, Doctors Without Borders. Otherwise, the rate will be based on travel to the pool. I prefer to come up with an agreeable lesson plan (see below) before the cost is decided.

Lesson Plans: Before the actual lessons start, I feel it is important to discuss the student’s goals and current skill level. I don’t believe “One size fits all.” We will have an outline of our goals for each session–a Lesson Plan!

If you have questions or want to set up swimming lessons, please contact me at 619 772-7264 or use your favorite email program and the address on the left.