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Shark Repelling Bracelet !

Posted by on May 30, 2016

Sometimes, “a little bit of science” can be a dangerous thing. Here is a product that claims to ward off sharks–a shark repellent. The Sharkbanz doesn’t use chemicals, sound, light, or electricity. No, this one uses a permanent magnet (no battery required) to discourage the sharks from biting a swimmer wearing it as a wrist or ankle band.

magnetic wristband

Available in several colors!

At, you can get into the details of the “science” behind this invention. It relies on the sharks sensitivity and aversion to incredibly weak magnetic fields.

There are some interesting reviews on Amazon (link to product), where people debate the science, comment on workmanship, plus, you can see the colors available.

Watch this video–save $65!

Some things are easy to test, and the oceans around Australia have plenty of sharks. This short video (below) shows some poor outcomes are probably in store if you rely on this wristband to repel sharks.

  In 13 minutes, it’s over for you and the Sharkbanz.



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