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These videos are examples of personalized stroke analysis that I offer. Videos that allow you to see yourself in action and adjust your technique are a powerful tool. You can see exactly what’s going on–versus what you “feel” you are doing. Here are some examples. When you watch these, see if you can spot any problems/faults that aren’t noted in the video.

Freestyle (Front Crawl)-Fatigue Factor?

Fatigue is one of the main causes of stroke faults. The “dropped elbow” is probably the most common example. It requires less effort and you lose significant propulsion. This video shows at a 750 yd. swim, where we look for faults as the yards increase.

Basic freestyle

Various views at a medium pace, ~17 strokes per 25 yds.
There is a fault that is not noted in this video: When breathing, the opposite hand (e.g. L. when breathing R.) is not catching quickly enough. The palm goes up slightly, which increases drag.

Freestyle – 50 yd. sprint practice

Three 50 yd. sprints were filmed, and they are all displayed simultaneously for comparison.

Freestyle Analysis – breathing & stroke tips

This video shows common breathing and stroke faults that reduce efficiency.

Freestyle Analysis – overgliding & body alignment

These 2 videos show some common faults that can be easily corrected.
Here is the view from the deck.

Now, the same swimmer viewed from underwater, with a little backstroke at the end of the clip.
This was the student’s first attempt at backstroke–not bad!!

Backstroke Analysis No. 1

Medium pace, 20 strokes per 25 yd.

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