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feelings vs. data

Effort and Pulse Rate – an adjustment for swimming

  (This article is informational only, and not meant to infer any medical advice. Please consult your physician as the ultimate authority on this serious health matter.) Since my recent post on Measuring Progress in Swimming I saw a note in my old swimming log. It had an adjustment in pulse rate calculations. The standard … Continue reading »

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Swimming with your Brain

Swimming is a sport where you don’t need super fast reflexes or big muscles. The biggest improvements typically occur with stroke technique refinements. When you practice, hopefully you spend some of the time trying to improve your stroke technique, but there are so many things to think about! In the “olden days”, swim teachers would … Continue reading »

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Measuring Progress in Swimming

If you want to improve your swimming, it is important to make “objective” measurements of performance and effort. Logging this information after each swim will provide benchmarks. Here are some basics on doing the measurements. Measuring Performance Time The time it takes to cover a specific distance is the most basic measurement. Waterproof watches are … Continue reading »

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