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Ocean & Surf

Once you feel confident in a pool, you may want to tackle the mighty Pacific Ocean to swim and body surf.
Here are 10 tips to help you have safe fun in the ocean.

  1. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages and attempt to swim in the surf or open ocean. Period.
  2. Start your training on days when the surf is small. As you build confidence, you can tackle more difficult conditions.
  3. Go with a buddy or at least stay within sight of lifeguards. Use a building, tree, etc. on shore so you can tell if you are drifting. It’s normal to drift on San Diego beaches. There is usually a current from the Northwest.
  4. Talk to the lifeguards before you go into the surf. Ask about rip currents and other hazards.
  5. Check the water temperature. Wear a wet suit if needed, and be aware that if you start to shiver, you should return to shore ASAP.
  6. Shuffle your feet as you wade out. If you don’t, you may get stabbed by a sting ray as you step on top of it.
  7. Wear fins. They give you much more power and a margin of safety for swimming out of rip currents.
  8. Learn how to swim away from rip currents and stay calm.
  9. If you are uncomfortable, have trouble breathing, or just feel tired, return to shore. You can always go back out.
  10. Learn your limits and how to take care of yourself. The lifeguards aren’t perfect!


Fin assisted takeoff!!

Fin assisted takeoff!!