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These videos are selected for those learning to swim and focus on comfort in the water (floating, gliding, etc.) and other basic steps for learning to swim.

Swimming is Child’s Play!

For young children, playing in the water with adults is a great first step to swimming. Most youngsters will float if they can relax. Their balance systems (inner ear, muscles, sense of touch) need to adjust to water and buoyancy, because the skills for standing and walking simply don’t work in water. As they spend more time in the water, they will learn to relax and make progress toward actual swimming. Note how these girls are starting to go under water, and they have fun doing it. They aren’t being pushed and will be looking forward to their next chance to get in the pool.

Comfort in the Water

Many people are afraid of deep water because of bad experiences, where the were afraid of drowning. In this video, adult swim class members talk about some bad experiences that made them afraid of the water (TV News, WNEG clip, 1 min.).